Ryan is a qualified Reiki practitioner and also performs spiritual healing via his spirit guides. You can choose which method you would prefer to receive during your consultation. 

Spiritual Healing is the act of channeling energy from the universe (sometimes via spirit guides) to the recipient. Healing can be performed on both people and animals.

Healing is an ongoing process that never truly finishes.

When our souls come down from above into their human form, they begin a journey that is full of cycles. These cycles are deliberately placed throughout our journey to test us. It is only when we are being tested that our soul learns life lessons and grows.

These cycles can be painful, and sometimes we need the support of other souls to help us find the courage to get through them. This is where spiritual healing can assist.

There are many situations in our lives that cause us stress and anxiety. Quite often, we have a number of situations occuring simultaneously. Even though we are often surrounded by people who care for us, such stresses can leave us feeling isolated.

The most common issues often relate to - family/friendships/relationships/education/health issues/career paths.

Undergoing spiritual healing can help rebalance your own energy so that you have a greater sense of wellbeing and calm. When we are calm and mindful, we are much better able to deal with all that life is throwing at us.

Ryan offers spiritual healing to those in need. If you are based in London he can arrange an in-person healing session. All healing sessions are 'hands off', meaning Ryan will not place his hands on you whilst performing the healing. If you are further afield, travel arrangements can be organised for in-person healing sessions. 

To enquire about spiritual healing, please use the contact form on this website.